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MILTON FAGIN is an experienced Board Certified Attorney specializing in divorce, family law and general civil litigation with over 35 years of active practice in San Antonio, Texas.

We specialize in complicated, difficult and high conflict cases. I will personally guide you through the process correctly and patiently. Communication and cooperation is required.

Attorney Specializing in Divorce and all Family Law Cases


Child Custody

Family Violence

Complex Division of Property

Divorce involves more than dissolving the marriage. This is the time child custody, access and possession, and child support is determined. Division of all property including real estate, motor vehicles, financial accounts, retirement, cypto, and furniture as well as all assets are divided.



Divorce is quite sophisticated now compared to many years ago. It is not recommended that you represent yourself or be a “pro se” litigant. You have too much to lose especially when there are children and property involved.  We will try to help you make decisions that will be consistent with your financial situation as well as what goals you have in mind.

Family Violence

When there h as been family violence, the Civil District Courts have the power to grant  what  is referred to as a “Protective Order” against the offender. Family violence can affect the conservatorship issues, visitation and acces and division of property. If there is a conviction or deferred adjudication in the Criminal Courts that can empower the Civil Courts to grant post divorce spousal payments referred to as maintenance against the offender.


Before a minor child can be adopted the parental rights of one or or both biological parents must be terminated first.

Child Custody

Child custody is now referred to in the State of Texas as “conservatorship”. There are three major types of conservatorships: Sole Managing Conservator, Joint Managing  Conservators and Possessory Conservators. Each has distinct obligations and powers.

Complex Division of Property

Texas is a community property state. There are two types of property: Separate and Community. The Court does not have the power to divide separate property but there can be claims for reimbursement when one marital estate has benefitd the other. Again there are many spophisticated and legal theories used to divide property. Remember is doesnt matter in whose name the property was acquired it can still be considered community property, Also property means everything not just real estate, it can be bank accounts, retirements, crypto, motor vehicles, home furnishings, just about any type of asset is divided in a divorce.


When the litigants do not comply with the Courts Order they can be Ordered to comply and be subject to Civil Contempt, Jailed and or fined or both for not complying.

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“Mr. Fagin is a great attorney. He will do everything he can for his Client to obtain the outcome both client and himself are shooting For. He will give it his all. He is definitely not there to just take your money like some attorney out there that do and don’t represent you To the fullest. He will fight for you and go the extra mile above and Beyond his attorney fees. He is it for the client benefit not his own. Call Mr Fagin if your in need of legal representation. He is a super honest man and help you in anyway he can” 

“Milton Fagin is an excellent lawyer, I feel he is honest, trustworthy and true to his word unlike 3 other Texas attorney’s I’ve had dealings with. Mr. Fagin truly represents his client and keep his clients abreast of all that is taking place or is about to take place. I highly recommend Mr. Fagin to anyone who is looking for a “Real Lawyer”

“Mr. Fagin was very helpful in my divorce case. He was more than willing to help and go the extra mile for my children and I. His assistance made the case run smooth and I am very fortunate I had him on my side. As a retired U.S Air Force veteran punctality and organization are very important attributes i look for when hiring someone and Mr. Fagin excelled in both of those traits.”

 “I have been going thru a child custody case since 2012. It has been a very rough 4 years. I’ve wasted money on lawyers that promised to help me and never came thru. Mr. Fagin went above and beyond what I could have ever expected! Words can not express what Mr. Fagin has done for my family. My family is finally back together and justice has been served.”

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